Ilinca’s article, “K7 and the Art of Open-Minded Exploration”, unveils the transformative influence of youth engagement in the world of art and culture. In a digital age filled with distractions, K7, a Danish organization, offers an exceptional opportunity for young individuals to explore museums, galleries, and cultural sites across Denmark. Ilinca’s narrative showcases how this initiative reshapes the social lives of students and young professionals, challenging stereotypes about museums and nurturing curiosity. Through her personal experiences, we witness the profound impact of cultural exploration on education and innovation, emphasizing the importance of embracing open-mindedness and immersing ourselves in a world of new ideas, people, and concepts.

Unlocking Cultural Access: The K7 Experience

K7 is a Danish organization providing subscription-based access to museums, galleries, and cultural sites throughout the country. The name “K7” originates from the company’s flagship event – on the 37th week of the year, young people aged up to 27 can visit all of their partner institutions for 7 days.

Fostering a Paradigm Shift

This opportunity leads to a welcome shift in the social lives of students and young professionals. Typically, museums are not the go-to location for casual weekday hangouts among the youth. Nonetheless, free offerings are always seen as appealing to this demographic, thus encouraging them to step out of their comfort zone and experience new things, which may inspire them in a variety of ways.  Throughout this week, I overheard dozens of conversations among groups of friends within my university halls, on public transport or on the street making plans for which museum to visit that day. As an art lover and avid museum visitor, this made me very joyful and excited.

Breaking Barriers: Museums in a Social and Relaxed Setting

Cultural institutions can be intimidating to visit due to the expectation of complex or esoteric content, potentially imposing structures, and the perception of needing specialized knowledge to appreciate the exhibits fully. Therefore, the opportunity to visit such places completely free of charge and in a social, relaxed environment can act as anyone’s introduction to discovering new culture. People can explore their personal preferences for different types of art they enjoy, even if they aren’t typically interested in art or lack prior knowledge. Naturally, I made my own plans with my friends and had an exceptional time. Visiting such places in a social manner truly boosts the experience to a new level. You can discuss different interpretations of the art pieces with friends, experience new things that can enrich your relationships and simply have an enjoyable time.

During my visit at Copenhagen Contemporary, a modern art center located in the Copenhagen harbor, I got to experience an immersive exhibition entitled “Yet, It Moves!”. The exhibition explored, among other themes, the idea that all of our knowledge of the universe is based on digital data points, converted by computers into comprehensible information. This can be seen on a micro-scale, within our very biology, a meso-scale, within the natural world around us and on a macro-scale, throughout the entire cosmos. As a student of Business Administration and Digital Management, I possess personal experience and a genuine passion for programming and machine learning. Thus, this exhibition served as a profound source of academic inspiration for me. It showed me how my university studies can be leveraged in an interdisciplinary way, combining them with biology, astronomy and the arts. This provided me with inspiration for concepts to delve into during my ongoing studies, my bachelor thesis, and my future career.

Inspiration Through Art: A Journey of Interdisciplinary Exploration

Ryoji Ikeda, data-verse 1/2/3 (2019-20). Commissioned by Audemars Piguet Contemporary. Installation view Yet, It Moves!, Copenhagen Contemporary (2023). Photo: David Stjernholm.

Empowering Tomorrow’s Innovators: The Impact of Cultural Exposure

This insight made me realize just how impactful initiatives like the one hosted by K7 can be. The pivotal factor in motivating young students and professionals to utilize their education and expertise for the greater good of society lies in their exposure to diverse cultural and artistic mediums. Assimilating information from different sources will lead to new ideas, concepts, and ultimately innovation. Only through youthful minds connecting, ideas bouncing off of each other, and more people having access to more information can our society develop. Thus, I would highly recommend everyone who has access to the K7 initiative to take full advantage of it next year, or if you are not living in Denmark, research if there are any similar initiatives in your area. Embrace open-mindedness and actively immerse yourself in a world of new ideas, people, and concepts!

About the Author
Ilinca Sandu | Synapse Podcast

Ilinca Sandu

Ilinca is Synapse Community Manager and Synapse Podcast co-host. She is studying BSc in Business Administration and Digital Management at CBS, Denmark. Ilinca was the founder of the first student-run newspaper in her high school. Her passion for literature, culture, and media led her to present the idea to her school principal, resulting in the creation of an innovative club. She is fascinated by the relationship between creativity and analysis and discovering the intersection between her different interests, such as poetry and business. While society is being devoured by ideas of consumerism and efficiency, Ilinca is convinced that humanity and compassion are the keys to creating powerful organizations that generate positive social change.