Synapse Your Future is the platform’s flagship pillar, focusing on multi-disciplinary Experiments & Experiences, committed to focused and efficient collaborations that interconnect universities, high schools, research institutes, and artists, creating a pipeline between these groups, companies, and public administration.

Synapse Experiences & Experiments nurture curiosity, the natural desire to acquire new knowledge and information, fuelling and inspiring creativity, and stimulating innovation in order to shape a new agile, and adaptable workforce able to build sustainable and inclusive growth. By providing a space for experimentation, learning, and collaboration, the platform aims to foster the development of new ideas and activities, creating a sustainable business model while helping to shape the future.


Art and science may seem disparate on their own, but when combined, they can foster a powerful source of creativity. By working together, they can generate innovative communication channels and make it easier for the general public to understand and engage with the intersection of art, science, and technology. Together, they can lead to breakthroughs that can benefit the community.

Innovation is at the core of the Synapse platform. At Synapse Experiences & Experiments, researchers and artists come together to forge connections between the fields of art and science, using technology to bridge the gap between society and individuals. The Internet of Things (IoT) is utilized as a tool to facilitate communication and generate connections between people, as well as between individuals and institutions. The goal of Synapse is to redefine technology as a means of reconnecting humanity with nature, rather than seeing it as an artificial construct. By exploring the concept of the “Internet of Living Beings”, the organization aims to use technology and IoT to enhance our understanding and connection to the natural world, bringing knowledge and awareness to the forefront.

“Synapse is more than a network of interconnected data.  This unique Experiences & Experiments create a mental immersion of the individual in the microscopic universe, reconnecting him with living matter, with nature, becoming a window to micro and macrocosmos. A Portal to Knowledge.”

Education & Research

Synapse Partners

At Synapse, we believe in the power of bringing together diverse perspectives and skills to drive innovation and progress. That’s why we’ve developed our Synapse Partners program to bring together artists, students, and researchers to collaborate on multidisciplinary experiments and projects.

By combining the creative approaches of artists with the research expertise of scientists, we’re able to explore new and unique perspectives on living matter, nature, the universe, and human interaction. Using cutting-edge technology and laboratory instruments our partners push the boundaries of what’s possible and discover new insights and innovative solutions while providing the general public with a more holistic understanding of the world around us.

“Imagine a world where the impossible becomes possible, where creativity and innovation shape the future, where art and research inspire social change. That world is within your reach, and it starts with you. At Synapse, we believe in the power of community engagement and collaboration, and the role it plays in shaping the future. Join us in fostering creativity, innovation, and community engagement. Let’s make a positive impact together and shape the future we want to see.”