Synapse Urban Journey

Integrating art, technology and sustainability in the urban environment

Synapse Urban Journey is a plea to reimagine our cities as vibrant, sustainable and inclusive spaces where art, technology and sustainable practices converge. A call to action to co-create a future where creativity thrives, connectivity fosters collaboration, and sustainability becomes integral to our urban structure.

In our dynamic, technology-driven society, we often feel immersed in digital realms, disconnected from the tangible world around us. Synapse Urban Journey aims to bridge this gap, inviting you to connect with urban spaces in interesting and unconventional ways. It is a call to be present, to be active, and to adapt to the ever-evolving nature of our urban landscapes.

We believe in the potential of crowded urban areas to be catalysts for positive change. We embrace the challenges and opportunities presented by urbanization, exploring interdisciplinary projects that spark innovative ideas and solutions. From sustainable initiatives to cleaner cities, we strive to create environments that promote wellness, connectivity and healthier lifestyles for all.

Our platform acts as a laboratory of ideas, where artists, designers, researchers and urban enthusiasts come together to reshape urban spaces. Through functional sculptures, urban sports activities and integrating art into industrial sites, we reimagine cities as dynamic play spaces that encourage creativity and community engagement.

Synapse Urban Journey encourages you to express yourself, experience your emotions and create lasting connections. It is an invitation to embark on a journey of discovery, where the boundaries between the physical and digital worlds blur and where the collective imagination thrives.

Synapse Community

Transforming urban spaces,
We transform lives

Synapse is committed to promoting healthy lifestyles and wellness in urban areas. We believe that the key to creating healthier communities lies in adopting sustainable practices and embracing innovative technologies. By integrating smart systems, urban agriculture initiatives and community wellness programs, we envision cities that nurture the physical and mental well-being of their residents. We want to reimagine urban environments as spaces that inspire active lifestyles, foster community connections and prioritize the health of all individuals.

Together, we can shape the future of overcrowded urban areas, creating cleaner, greener and more inhabitable cities for future generations. Come join us to explore interdisciplinary projects, share ideas and cultivate a sense of community dedicated to building a better future. Let’s reimagine urban life.

Addressing challenges in congested urban areas

Sustainable solutions for congested urban areas

Innovative projects addressing the challenges of congested urban areas. Interdisciplinary initiatives that promote sustainability, cleaner cities, and healthier lifestyles for urban dwellers. We explore how sustainable practices and technologies can have a positive impact on our urban environment.

Community gardens

Green spaces contribute to food security, promote biodiversity and enhance the overall well-being of urban communities.

Innovations in waste management

Innovative approaches to waste management in urban areas. Recycling initiatives, waste-to-energy projects and circular economy models that minimise waste, conserve resources and create a more sustainable urban ecosystem.

Green architecture and urban design

Green buildings, green roofs and innovative urban planning concepts that prioritise energy efficiency, green spaces and sustainable infrastructure.


Urban Journey


Functional sculptures/urban furniture: Urban spaces transformed by functional artworks. Our sculptures and urban furniture integrate seamlessly into their surroundings, adding functionality and aesthetic value.

Urban sports: The thrill of urban sports such as skateboarding, BMX bikes, frisbee or kiting. Connect with other enthusiasts and embrace the energy of the city. Active and healthy lifestyle.

Integrating industrial/urban sites through urban art: Transforming industrial and urban landscapes through vibrant urban art, graffiti and murals. Experimenting with the fusion of art and urban spaces in surprising and inspiring ways.

Touring events: the vibrant energy of collective creativity, where artists and audiences co-create unforgettable moments.

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